Field Notes February 2022

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Field Notes – February 2022

Field Notes February 2022

Did the groundhog see its shadow where you are? With these recent wild swings in the weather, it can be hard to tell! Either way, this month we bring you news that we hope will help you plan your farming and ranching year.

David Redhage starts us off with a review of a new edition of a classic book on heirloom vegetables.

There’s no shortage of informative sustainable livestock conferences, but the costs of attending can be discouraging. If that’s your situation, you might look into a new source of scholarships to help sustainable ranchers attend conferences.

There’s never been a better time to consider adding blackeyed peas as a cash or cover crop, with new research showing that, unlike many other crops, their ability to supply nitrogen to the soil actually improved with domestication.

Speaking of planting, Monarch Watch is once again offering free milkweed seedlings for schools and non-profit organizations, as well as larger-scale restoration projects.

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