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Field Notes – January 2017

Happy 2017 from the Kerr Center! In this issue, we take a look at some often-overlooked benefits of weeds – and how to encourage them.

Cattle often shed weight over the winter. One of our older reports compared the cost-effectiveness of different approaches to helping cattle gain back those pounds in time for successful breeding.

For those eagerly paging through the brand-new seed catalogs that this time of year brings, we’ve also got a pointer to a more recent report that evaluated small-scale techniques and equipment for growing and harvesting sweet potatoes.

Kerr Center President David Redhage in is the midst of a whirlwind of travel to the many sustainable agriculture conferences that crop up every year in this season. As a result, there’s no president’s note to share in this issue – but he’ll be back next month with a summary of what he’s been seeing, doing, and learning in his travels.

A special thank-you to our supporters!

Field Notes – January 2017 (PDF, 465 KB)