Field Notes January 2019

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Field Notes – January 2019

Field Notes January 2019

Happy 2019! To ring in the new year, we’ve got a new report (on small-scale gardening tools) and a new article (on managing excess forage), as well as pointers to new resources (on soil health).

First, though, David Redhage shares some unsettling news about Western monarch populations.

The latest report from the horticulture program, evaluating small-scale tools for use in the home and market garden, is now available in print and electronically.

Soil health is taking the nation’s agriculture by storm. Find out why – and how to take your own soil’s pulse – in a selection of new resources on the subject.

Though it seems that ranchers only complain of running out of grass, the opposite problem can crop up as well. Will Lathrop explains how the Kerr Center copes when there’s more grass than cattle.

Field Notes – January 2019 (PDF, 550 KB)