field notes january 2020

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Field Notes – January 2020

Happy 2020! It’s the time for resolutions. Why not tackle learning a whole new group of organisms? David Redhage suggests a publication that would be useful for anyone seeking greater familiarity with Oklahoma’s resident lichens.

One person we know must have plenty of new resolutions is our new Education/Horticulture Program Manager, Karlee Pruitt. Please join us in welcoming her as she takes the reins of the horticulture program.

You might also resolve to reduce erosion on your farm or ranch roads; this month, we bring you up to speed on how our own efforts along those lines are working out – as well as how much they cost.

Or, you might resolve to make this the year you take advantage of some of the USDA’s financial support for farmers and ranchers. We’ve got the lowdown on two grant programs with deadlines coming up soon.

Field Notes – January 2020 (PDF, 700 KB)