Field Notes July 2017

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Field Notes – July 2017

Field Notes July 2017

This time of summer, we can look with satisfaction out over the horticulture plots’ “green fallow” of warm-season cover crops, keeping the soil shaded and sheltered, as well as weeded and nourished, despite the hot, dry weather.

We’ve just published former Kerr Center Horticulture Manager George Kuepper’s updated account of his nine-year effort developing that bio-extensive rotational system on the Cannon Horticulture plots. (Kuepper was also recently recognized for his work as an OMRI panel reviewer.)

Two new labeling programs reward farmers and ranchers for just such conservation-friendly practices. Perhaps one would be a good fit for your operation?

Continuing last month’s summer focus on water issues, we explain how the Kerr Ranch uses gravity to carry water from ponds to pastures.

Field Notes – July 2017 (PDF, 750 KB)