field notes july 2020

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Field Notes – July 2020

Field Notes July 2020

It’s summer, and it’s hot! Even so, there are garden crops that you can start now. Read on to find out which ones, when, and how.

If you’d rather stay in the shade, there’s something you can grow there, too: mushrooms! Our report on growing shiitake mushrooms on logs is back, free and in digital format.

Maybe you’d rather not venture outdoors at all just yet. If you’re considering getting into raising livestock, we’ve put together a quick overview of some of our best beginning ranching resources that will have you reading to your heart’s content. The only thing getting hot will be your internet connection.

But first, check out David Redhage’s thoughts on how the elderberry variety trials we’ve been participating in are an excellent illustration of the need for long-term research trials.

Field Notes – July 2020 (PDF, 600 KB)