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Field Notes – June 2016

In this month’s newsletter, we’ve gone a little wild.

In this month’s president’s note, David Redhage shares thoughts on his recent reading material: Eating on the Wild Side.

We present a recap, with links to resources, from our June 11 elderberry workshop. Host Brent Madding cruises the back roads of the state, seeking out wild-growing plants to incorporate into his commercial operation.

On the livestock side, one of the best ways to keep cattle from going wild is through the daily contact that’s part and parcel of rotational grazing. Full information on the subject can be found in the recap of our June 4 livestock workshop.

Last but not least, one of the best-known wild-animal haunts in Oklahoma, the Tulsa Zoo, is helping to spread the word about our native pollinator publications.

Field Notes – June 2016