Field Notes June 2018

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Field Notes – June 2018

Field Notes June 2018

It’s nearly (officially) summer, and the air is full of the buzzing of creatures of the insect kind. It seems that there are plenty – more than enough for comfort, even – but are there as many bugs as there used to be? David Redhage looks at some recent studies that have tackled that question.

Two of the highlights of our summer events program are coming up even sooner than the start of summer. Today is the final day to register for our June 9 grazing workshop! There’s only a week left to sign up for our beekeeping workshop on June 12. Don’t miss out on these opportunities!

Speaking of opportunities, there’s one for learning more about the history and ideas behind organic farming, free for the reading in our online library.

Field Notes – June 2018 (PDF, 600 KB)