Field Notes June 2019

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Field Notes – June 2019

Field Notes June 2019

David Redhage has news this month about how to monitor monarchs in your own back yard or back forty, collecting data useful to scientists everywhere.

We’d be tickled to see you at our elderberry workshop on July 13. Register by July 10 – or sooner to save a place.

In the wake of the recent flooding, we pass the word from the Oklahoma Conservation Commission about how flood-control dams kept the damages from being even worse – despite being near the end of their designed lifespans.

Despite the recent excess of rain, drought is bound to return eventually – but it turns out that integrating legumes into forage mixes can boost production while using less water.

With summer just begun, we share our own “blockbuster” film recommendation.

Field Notes – June 2019 (PDF, 1.2 MB)