Field Notes March 2020

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Field Notes – March 2020

Field Notes March 2020

In the midst of all the coronavirus-induced upheaval, we wish you a happy spring!  In this issue, we’re sharing links to resources to help farmers and ranchers weather the COVID-19 outbreak.

As far as we know, monarch butterflies aren’t susceptible to the virus – but their numbers are down nevertheless.  David Redhage has the latest – and a plea to consider including monarch plants in your spring planting.

After last month’s look at the urgent need for fire preparedness, it’s only fair to give equal time to the other side of the coin: the many benefits of prescribed fire.

Ranchers may want to consider signing up for government assistance with protecting both wetland and grassland areas of their spreads.

For gardeners, our series of heirloom variety trial reports can help inform your seed choices.

Field Notes – March 2020 (PDF, 500 KB)