Field Notes March 2021

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Field Notes – March 2021

Field Notes March 2021

Happy spring!

David Redhage gets this month’s issue rolling with a reassurance, based on the latest science, that elderberries, and products made from elderberries, are safe to consume.

Sometimes we may toss around the phrase “sustainable agriculture” without thinking too much about what it really means. SARE has a new video series that explains the concept of sustainable agriculture in short bites that are easy to follow.

Two more USDA programs have deadlines coming up. Applications are due April 29 (online, or May 4 by mail) for the Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) program. It helps farmers and ranchers develop and market value-added products from raw commodities – on the theory that you can make more selling grape juice and burgers than grapes and steers.

The original deadline to sign up for this year’s round of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) payments was last month, but it’s been extended, and no new deadline has yet been set. CRP pays producers to put land in trees or grass for 10 to 15 years – holding soil, making more efficient use of nutrients, and enhancing wildlife habitat.

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