Field Notes May 2017

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Field Notes – May 2017

Field Notes May 2017

Tired of the same old, same old? Try it a different way in May!

This month’s president’s note reports on how researchers at the University of Arkansas are moving table grapes into high tunnels to escape pests – with promising results so far.

Why sit around the sale barn when you can sell your cattle on TV? We explain what the Kerr Center livestock program gains from that approach.

Similarly, why make compost the old-fashioned way when worms can do it faster and more effectively? The Kerr Center has videos to show you the ropes.

Lastly, why limit pollinator plantings to wildflowers, when there are plenty of trees and shrubs that can play a valuable part? Our guide can help you select the best species for your location.

Field Notes – May 2017 (PDF, 500 KB)