Field Notes May 2021

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Field Notes – May 2021

Field Notes May 2021

It’s May, and there are signs that things might start looking more normal again soon – such as the potential return of in-person workshops at the Kerr Center!

There’s been lots of talk about getting used to the “new normal” in relation to the pandemic, but it turns out the phrase has an older and more specific meaning related to weather. NOAA has just published the latest “new normal,” good for the next decade.

If rotational grazing is your new normal, there’s a new free e-book on Grazing 101 to set you straight on the basics.

If you’re a farmer or rancher trying to get back to normal after the pandemic, it’s not too late to sign up for USDA pandemic relief programs.

Field Notes – May 2021 (PDF, 700 KB)