field notes november 2020

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Field Notes – November 2020

Field Notes November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! In spite of 2020’s wild ride so far, there’s plenty to be thankful for.

David Redhage starts this month’s issue with a review of a book everyone should read before starting farming – and that many nearly-new farmers could still benefit from going back and reading now.

Cranberries may be on the table, but are there elderberries in your fields? We’ve condensed three years of elderberry variety trial data into a free 8-page report. Take a look and decide whether this increasingly popular perennial crop may be right for your operation.

While we gather round the table with our families, cattle are nosing back up to bale rings all over the state. We aim to use as little hay as possible, but always keep plenty in reserve. Have a look at our best practices for making or buying, storing, and feeding hay.

The 2021 Horticulture Industries Show has been canceled. We give thanks for a great run of successful and informative HIS sessions, and look forward to 2022.

Field Notes – October 2020 (PDF, 3.4 MB)