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Field Notes – November 2022

Field Notes – November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

The original Thanksgiving story was one of neighbors helping neighbors – which is also the theme of an Oklahoma Conservation Commission program aimed at mitigating the worst environmental effects of the poultry industry. Sign up by December 15!

Those first Plymouth settlers would never have made it without Native American farming know-how. All these centuries later, those techniques still hold lessons for modern agriculture. Learn more in our report on Three Sisters gardening.

Some of us may be alarmed at recent declines in insect populations. Others, battling insect pests in crops, may feel something more like relief. New research, though, shows that despite their decreasing numbers, insects are causing more damage to plants than ever.

On the flip side, Will Lathrop and David Redhage start off this month’s issue with a heartening report from the never-ending battle against parasite resistance to de-wormers – something to be truly thankful about!

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