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Field Notes – November 2023

Field Notes – November 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

David Redhage starts this month’s issue with a recap of a recent portable sawmill workshop held on the ranch for local high school students.

Have you ever wondered what it might take to grow your own Thanksgiving dinner, or, if that’s not an option, at least to buy more of it from local farms? That’s the idea we’re looking at in the rest of this issue.

From turkeys to tomatoes, if we’ve grown or raised it ourselves, you can read all about it – what didn’t work, as well as what did – on our website. If we don’t have direct experience with a particular crop or livestock species, we can direct you to the local experts.

It’s too late to get started raising your own turkey or growing your own pie pumpkins for this Thanksgiving – but it’s the perfect time to start planning for next year!

Field Notes – November 2023 (PDF, 600 KB)