field notes october 2019

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Field Notes – October 2019

It’s October: days shorten, the heat finally breaks, and spooky thoughts begin to seep in from the shadows.

Speaking of spooky, do you remember the old Hitchcock film, “The Birds”? Would it be even spookier to contemplate the alternative, “No Birds“? David Redhage summarizes new research findings that show how uncomfortably close that’s coming to reality.

Another sign of fall is the sorghum harvest. This is a venerable tradition, both in the region overall and at the Kerr Center in particular. It’s also very much a living one, though – and as such, we’ve updated our classic manual, Sweet Sorghum: Production and Processing.

Back to frightening topics, the UN has released its latest estimate of agriculture’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions – but the Rodale Institute is on the case, with data-based recommendations for reducing farming’s carbon footprint.

If the shorter days have you looking for evening reading material, you might consider the latest additions to our pollinator resource guides.

Field Notes – October 2019 (PDF, 600 KB)