Field Notes October 2021

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Field Notes – October 2021

Field Notes October 2021

It’s almost Halloween, and decorations designed to scare have popped up everywhere you turn. In keeping with the spirit of the season, here are some frightening farming and ranching stories:

Which of these would be the scariest?
You wake up one morning and…
a) all your pastures have been stripped clean of forage overnight by an unseen invader,
b) there are no bumblebees left,
c) all your topsoil has washed away.

Unfortunately, the correct answer is coming uncomfortably close to “all of the above” – and, unlike spooks and goblins, these stories are all true. In this issue, we’re taking a look at the reality behind each of these frightening headlines, and some steps you can take to turn them around.

Not so much scary as just flat fascinating are oak trees. David Redhage explores their ecology in this month’s president’s note.

Field Notes – October 2021 (PDF, 1 MB)