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Field Notes – October 2022

Field Notes – October 2022

As this last week of October flutters past, don’t forget to join in the Bat Week festivities.

David Redhage gets this issue rolling with a shout out to SARE for its extensive library of useful publications.

For those of you interested in regenerative agriculture, there’s a new third-party label to help farmers and ranchers reap some recognition – and perhaps price premiums – for their products, as well as giving customers a hand in locating them.

If you thought that Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was as scary as bird-based horror stories got, the latest numbers from the U.S. State of the Birds report may change your mind.

Next time you pick up a package of out-of-season produce from across the country – or around the globe – you may want to keep in mind a new study showing just how much of the food system’s greenhouse gas emissions come just from hauling that food around.

Field Notes – October 2022 (PDF, 500 KB)