Field Notes September 2018

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Field Notes – September 2018

Field Notes September 2018

In September we pass through the fall equinox, and the balance point where there are as many hours of daylight as of darkness. So, in this issue, we focus on the idea of balanced halves and opposite poles.

As we turn the corner towards cooler weather and shorter days, David Redhage looks at recent research on growing cash crops during the cooler months of the year – and sowing cover crops for the summer.

In time with the season, the monarch butterflies are nearing peak numbers at the Oklahoma midpoint of their fall migration.

Take half, leave half,” has long been a rule of thumb in sustainable grazing management. We re-open a presentation that walks beginning ranchers through putting it to use in their new operations.

The Cannon Horticulture Project’s bio-extensive management system plants half its ground to cover crops in any given season, trading the lost production for less time spent weeding and less money spent fertilizing.

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