field notes september 2019

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Field Notes – September 2019

Fall’s upon us! Kids are back in school; monarch butterflies are starting to wing their way back into the state on their annual journey southward….

Monarchs have always faced perils aplenty on their epic migration, but new research reveals just how much more toxic agricultural landscapes have become for them and other pollinators.

Luckily, David Redhage is back with more tips on where to find seeds for adding pollinator plants to your yards and gardens.

If you think back-to-school is only for the K-12 set, well… think again! The Kerr Center has built up a well-deserved reputation as a teacher and trainer, especially for those entering farming for the first time. Our virtual classrooms offer something to learn for just about everyone.

One of the most interesting things to learn about in sustainable agriculture is all the benefits of cover crops – and SARE has a new set of fact sheets explaining the many ecosystem services that cover crops provide.

Field Notes – September 2019 (PDF, 700 KB)