field notes september 2022

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Field Notes – September 2022

Field Notes – September 2022

Fall is finally here, and October’s just around the corner.

Get in the spirit of the season by celebrating pollinators who work after dark, during Bat Week.

If you’re mulching plants this season, have you considered woodchips? David Redhage reviews a new book on using woodchips for mulch.

Woodchips, of course, come from trees, and many of us are trying to do a better job of managing our woodlands. Several USDA programs can help support such agroforestry enterprises. The National Agroforestry Center is currently running one webinar a month, now through next April, featuring each such program in turn.

For pollination purposes, most of us realize that the rule is the more bees, the better. New research shows that that’s more true than ever, especially looking at the entire flowering season, or over multi-year periods.

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