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The Next Green Revolution: Essential Steps to a Healthy, Sustainable Agriculture

The Next Green Revolution, by James E. Horne, PhD, President (retired), Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and Maura McDermott, Communications Director (retired), Kerr Center.

Provides Instructors a Useful Framework for Teaching the Essential Points of Sustainable Agriculture. Use as a Supplemental Text for Courses in Agriculture, the Environmental Sciences, and Rural Sociology.

Learn about the Eight Steps to a Sustainable Agriculture

  • Written in a lively, non-technical style accessible to a broad range of readers
  • A personal story, told with humor and conviction, of a conventional “aggie” who experienced a change of heart
  • Covers what is being done across the nation to build an agricultural system that is kind to the environment, responsive to consumers, and fair to farmers

What Kind of Book is It?

The Next Green Revolution is written to be accessible and convincing to people who are not currently involved in sustainable agriculture, as well as those who are.

While many books have explored aspects of sustainable agriculture or even attempted a comprehensive appraisal, none have synthesized its key ideas into eight steps that farmers can follow and educators can teach.

This approach gives readers an easy-to-understand framework for thinking about sustainable agriculture. It also provides educators with a coherent framework for getting across the key ideas of the subject.

The book draws from the unique perspective of Kerr Center president, Dr. James “Jim” E. Horne.

Horne started out as a conventional “aggie” (MS Agricultural Economics, OSU 1972), suspicious of sustainable agriculture and its adherents. But he slowly changed his mind, becoming in the process an advocate for change on both the regional and national level. His is the story of an agriculturist and educator coming to grips with the failings of the conventional system and searching for alternatives.

Writing in the first person, Horne describes growing up in a sharecropper family in Oklahoma, running his own ranch, and consulting with farmers as an agricultural economist.

He shares what he learned as the Kerr Center experimented with new “sustainable” approaches to old problems on the Center’s ranch/farm, and the experiences he has had working with the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program.

He has a broad perspective on what is happening in sustainable agriculture both on the farm and at the research station.

Also of benefit to readers: the many “boxes” scattered throughout the text which present more specialized material for farmers and ranchers, even consumers. For each step there is a checklist of things that producers can do to make changes on the farm.

Woven into the book are Dr. Horne’s reflections on social justice, quality of life, and how farmers and rural communities are inextricably linked.

Co-author Maura McDermott is Communications Director at the Kerr Center. With a background in magazine journalism, she specializes in making agricultural and environmental topics accessible to the general reader without sacrificing depth or quality.

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