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The Ogallala Aquifer

This paper critically examines the impacts of the increasing use of the Ogallala-with specific focus on the situation in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle regions, and the possibility of adopting sustainable development practices to curb the increasing aquifer water depletion and deterioration.

The first section of this paper is the introduction to the subject. The next section peruses Ogallala water conditions and quality issues, and examines how and why the aquifer is in its present state. Past studies conducted in this area are also briefly covered. Case studies of the prevailing Ogallala water situation in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle areas will be presented in the third section. The fourth section discusses adoption of sustainable development practices by farmers in the affected areas in lieu of absolute dependence on irrigation practices, and the last section summarizes the paper with a note of warning about ultimate water depletion.

Authors: James E. Horne, Manjula V. Guru
Published: 2000
Pages: 35

The Ogallala Aquifer (PDF, 300 KB)
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