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Pollinator Plant Profile: Mexican Hat

This fact sheet contains information on planting and growing Mexican hat, Ratibida columnifera.

Each pollinator plant profile has a bulleted list of information, including the plant’s common and scientific names, its growth habit, plant family, pollinators, and bloom period in Oklahoma. It also includes growing information, including sun exposure, soil type, native habitat, uses in the landscape, and propagation. In cases where the plant is favored by or harmful to livestock, that is noted.

Finally, each profile includes impressions – observations and experiences – from Kerr Center President David Redhage, who has managed the Kerr Center’s native plant and pollinator project since its inception. His “tips from the field” give the reader a feel for the beauty and value of these plants and the pollinators that visit them, as well as observations about their use in a garden or landscape planting.

All of the pollinator plant profiles are collected, along with additional information and photos, under a single cover in the Kerr Center publication, Native Plants for Native Pollinators in Oklahoma.

Author: David Redhage
Date: 2015
Pages: 1

Pollinator Plant Profile: Mexican hat
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