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Small-Scale Gardening Technology at the Kerr Center

“Small-Scale Gardening Technology” relates the Kerr Center’s experiences with small-scale farming and gardening tools during a decade of bio-extensive management on the Cannon Horticulture Plots.

Tools evaluated in the 30-page report include spades, digging forks, broadforks, hoes, soil rakes, cultivators, hay rakes, and wheel hoes.

The report offers advice on evaluating and choosing the best tools.  It also explains how to determine which tool is best suited for a given field operation.

It makes suggestions for maintenance, with detailed instructions for practices such as cleaning, sharpening, and rust prevention.

In addition to such care for tools, the report also emphasizes that gardeners should not neglect their own bodies.  For instance, the bent posture necessary for breaking ground with a grub hoe is not well suited to weeding.

Appendices cover instructions for double-digging, as well as sources for the tools discussed.

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