Resources for Starting a Small-Scale Meat Plant

start a meat plant

Back in June, we looked at some resources for the many people newly interested in buying and selling more local meat in response to last year’s pandemic-induced shortages and cost increases. Shortly after press time, another new guide, specifically for the construction of small scale meat processing plants, was released.

So You Want to Start a Meat Plant? is published by the Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network (NMPAN), which offers many other related resources as well. Based at Oregon State University, NMPAN is an extension-based network aiming to assist small processors and the farmers, marketers, and meat buyers who depend on them, by sharing information, tools, and technical assistance.

The new guide is written as a primer, squeezing a summary of the wealth of deeper information on particular topics available on the NMPAN website into just 6 pages. It covers market requirements, regulations, financing, feasibility, and business planning.

In addition, So You Want to Start a Meat Plant? includes profiles of two existing small meat processing plants – one in west Texas, and one in Massachusetts. The profiles include advice and lessons learned from the operators of both plants.

So You Want to Start a Meat Plant? is available free in pdf format from the NMPAN website.

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