Seed Starting Time!

It’s already time to start seed for the earliest-transplanted spring crops. To help you keep on schedule, the Kerr Center Horticulture Library offers two planting guides.

One is for an average last frost date of April 10, while the other is a bit earlier, with an average last frost date of March 26. (Both can easily be adapted to other dates/locations.)

Both show, for a variety of vegetable crops:
– whether to transplant or direct seed,
– for transplants, days from indoor to outdoor planting, and first and last dates for indoor starting,
– planting date relative to first frost date, and
– first and last dates for field planting.

For those needing a hand with the how as well as the when of starting seeds, the Kerr Center also offers the presentation, Seeds, Seeding, and Growing Transplants, which walks through the entire process from start to finish.

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