caring cattle cold

Caring for Cattle in the Cold

A few simple practices for caring for cattle in the cold can go a long way towards bringing your herd through cold weather in better shape.

Portable Shade

Take a structure designed to protect tender plants from frost, and turn it into something that keeps cattle cool in high summer? Sure – it’s just another example of the…

Grazing Workshop Recap

It began more with a zap than a bang: a zap that left around a thousand people in the Poteau area without power on a Saturday morning. Still, the Kerr…

Grazing Workshop Oct. 10: Get the Most Out of Your Pastures

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Kerr Ranch livestock staff will lead this combined classroom/field workshop. Topics: grazing management (controlled grazing, permanent and temporary electric fencing, measuring forage, subdividing pastures), & Kerr Ranch grazing study, with its focus on forage stockpiling and utilization.

Spring Grazing Management: Off the Fescue

Many pastures on the Kerr Ranch are currently knee-deep in fescue, with seedheads nodding at waist height and thick stands of clover coming into white blossom beneath. The only thing…

Help Your Calves Hit the Ground Healthy

Bottle-fed calves may be cute, but as anyone who’s kept one can attest, they’re a nuisance – and worse, a drain on time and profits. Healthy cattle who can deliver…