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Monarchs Not Endangered After All

Barely a year after declaring them endangered, a major conservation group now says the monarchs are not in as much danger of extinction.

Apply by Dec. 21 for NRCS Monarch Habitat Funding

December 21 is the deadline for farmers and ranchers to apply for funding from the current round of the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

Tulsa World: ODOT Mowing for Milkweeds

The Tulsa World has a story on how the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has been trying out different roadside mowing schedules to find out which work best to keep milkweed…

President’s Note: Monarch Butterflies

Many of you may be aware of the plight of the monarch butterfly. This iconic species is struggling to maintain and grow its population. Each year surveys are conducted in…

Oklahoma and the Monarchs: Lend a Hand!

This story from Tulsa’s News on 6 Scott Thompson beautifully summarizes the status of the Monarch butterfly and what Oklahomans can do to help save this favorite from disappearing forever. Click…
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You Can Help Save the Monarch Butterfly!

When it comes to monarch butterflies, there’s good news and bad news. Let’s go with the bad news first. The rivers of monarch butterflies that once flowed over Oklahoma’s towns,…