Elderberry Workshop Recap 2016

A capacity crowd filled the Kerr Center’s June 11 elderberry workshop at 360 Farms. Two of Oklahoma’s most successful elderberry entrepreneurs, Brent and Valerie Madding, hosted the workshop at their…

Elderberry Workshop Recap

Thirty people gathered at the Kerr Center on Saturday, September 26, for an in-depth look at all aspects of elderberries as an alternative crop, from propagation and culture through harvest and marketing. This post summarizes the workshop and provides links to resources used during it.

Grazing Workshop Oct. 10: Get the Most Out of Your Pastures

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Kerr Ranch livestock staff will lead this combined classroom/field workshop. Topics: grazing management (controlled grazing, permanent and temporary electric fencing, measuring forage, subdividing pastures), & Kerr Ranch grazing study, with its focus on forage stockpiling and utilization.