Video Segment on Historical Dragonflies at Cavanal Lake

video dragonflies cavanal lake

Outdoor Oklahoma recently aired a video segment filmed in part on the Kerr Ranch, focusing on dragonflies around Cavanal Lake.

In the segment, Brenda Smith, of the OU Biological Survey, and Jena Donnell, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, hit the shore of the lake with sweep nets, catching, identifying, and releasing dragonflies, and discussing the site’s importance for the history of dragonfly study in Oklahoma.

The lake is famous in the history of Oklahoma odonatology – the study of dragonflies and damselflies – because the first known recordings of species in that group were made there, in 1907, by an Indiana banker named E.B. Williamson.

The segment also highlights the importance of citizen scientists, and mentions websites where dragonfly sightings can be logged in larger scientific databases.

As you can see in the video segment, Cavanal Lake still has healthy populations of many dragonfly species.  Watch and learn more about these fascinating creatures!


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